"Success on LinkedIn follows all the same rules as traditional networking."

LinkedWorking is a professional development book aimed at helping individuals achieve great success on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking website. Released March 2009.

Praise for LinkedWorking:

LinkedWorking is a great rubber meets the road to networking on LinkedIn. Lewis and Frank have taken a straight-to-the-point approach to online networking and how it will expand your horizons professionally and personally. I highly recommend you read and act on the advice in this book.— Gary Unger, Author
How To Be A Creative Genius (in five minutes or less)

We are living in some pretty extraordinary times in that the internet, the social media revolution and advances in networking communications have drastically and permanently changed human evolution into a HUMAN REVOLUTION and LinkedIn is certainly one of the contributing factors to this phenomenon. And while we have yet to understand the long-lasting effects this will have on humanity, this book continues such a necessary discussion.— Adam J. Kovitz, CEO & Founder
The National Networker

In this day and age, one can never be 'too connected' - and LinkedIn has been a tremendous tool for me in building new friendships & business relationships.

This book, with its marvelous collection of LinkedIn success stories, will serve as inspiration to others out there, who have yet to experience this for themselves.
— Stan Relihan, President & CEO
Expert Executive Search

True networkers recognize their own. Frank is in an elite class who continues to give and give. Those who are fortunate enough to make his acquaintance, even if just through the stories he tells in this book, will instantly realize what a gift he is to us all.— Terry Bean, Founder
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