Foundational Networking

"Become the person you want to network with."

Foundational Networking is a personal development book aimed at helping people become better networkers by simply having better attitudes and habits. Released October 2008.

Praise for Foundational Networking:

Anyone who has read any of my books or articles knows that my ongoing themes are building one-on-one relationships, creating trust and credibility with everyone you touch, and serving others through the mantra of ‘What goes around, comes around’. Frank Agin’s book, Foundational Networking, beautifully, simply and effectively addresses all three through his concepts of presence, altruism and integrity in order to help you become the kind of person with whom you yourself would like to associate.— Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author
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Foundational Networking provides more than an basis for critical thinking on how to be success at forming and maintaining business relationships. It is also an excellent motivational guide to your everyday life. It provides a useful toolbox in developing techniques to improve your interpersonal skills.— Frank Carrino, General Counsel
Westfield Insurance Group

Read this book! It will help you implement strategies to take both your personal and professional relationships to a new level of performance.— Ron Finklestein, Author
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The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery

Foundational Networking clearly spells it out … networking success – as with anything – is all about attitude.— Rick Frishman, Co-Author
Where's Your Wow

Frank Agin’s wonderful work can be captured in a single word ‘influence.’ Where there is influence there is power. Where there is power there is a network. Why would any of us settle for anything less?— Harvey Hook, Author
The Power of an Ordinary Life

Foundational Networking offers innovative thinking on how those wishing to build their network can do so through building relationships. This book is a great tool for building your networking foundation.”— Lisa K. Kunkle, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
PolyOne Corporation

Frank has captured the essence of "networking" in this book. It is philosophical – yet very practical.— David Leopold, Author
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Foundational Networking establishes Frank Agin as America’s leading expert on building real, not superficial, relationships through networking.— John Millen, President
Mainstream Leadership Communication

Frank Agin’s practical and inspiring insights on what leads to success in business relationships is based on years of “in the trenches” experience. In this book, he shares his best tips, which are sure to produce positive results for every reader.— Barbara Wayman, APR, President
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